About Us

In April 2016, the Town of Tiburon, the City of Belvedere and Reed Union School District (RUSD) voted to form the Tiburon Peninsula Traffic Relief Joint Powers Agency (JPA) to coordinate efforts to reduce school-related congestion on Tiburon Boulevard.

The JPA's formation stems from the overwhelming success of the pilot 2015-16 Yellow Bus Challenge, which doubled school bus ridership to 44% of RUSD students and reduced transit times on Tiburon Boulevard by 40% around school bell times, alleviating much of the school-related traffic in our community.

The pilot program was developed thanks to the collaborative efforts and financial support of our local municipalities and RUSD. More routes, shorter travel times, campus-specific buses and half-price bus passes, along with the willingness of parents to "jump on board", underpinned the success of the program.

The JPA manages the 2016-17 Yellow Bus program, with operational support provided by Marin Transit.