Bus Rules

** Children are assigned to one route and one stop and must show their pass when boarding the bus. Children without a valid pass will not be permitted to ride. This includes occasional play dates, even if the friend has a pass for another route.

Waiting for the Bus

  • Plan to board at your assigned stop only.

  • Know when your bus departs and where to line up to catch the bus.

  • Arrive five minutes before your scheduled departure time.

  • Wait quietly at the stop.

Boarding the Bus

  • Wait until the bus has stopped, and the bus driver says it’s OK to board.

  • Hold onto the rails while boarding.

  • Show the bus driver your bus pass.

  • Find a seat and sit down.

  • Keep the aisle clear.

  • Do not bring anything onto the bus that is not allowed at school.

Riding the Bus

  • Remain seated at all times.

  • Keep body parts inside the bus at all times.

  • Talk quietly with friends.

  • Listen to the bus driver.

  • Do not distract the driver or interfere with the driver’s operation of the bus.

  • Do not stand while the bus is moving.

Disembarking the Bus

  • Disembark at your assigned stop only.

  • Wait until the bus has stopped, and the bus driver says it’s OK to disembark.

  • Do not push or shove.

  • Once you are off the bus, do not run in front of the bus or in between buses.

  • Once a child exits the bus, he/she is the responsibility of his/her parents or guardians. If a student requires supervision once dropped off, plan to arrive early so as not to leave him/her unsupervised.

Additional Behavior Guidelines

  • No sharing bus passes.

  • No eating, drinking or littering on the bus.

  • No throwing objects on or at the bus.

  • No bullying or harassment of others.

  • No fighting, profanity or spitting.

  • No vandalism of the bus, bus stop or surrounding property.

  • No smoking or fire hazards on the bus.

  • No illegal substance abuse or controlled substance use.

  • No animals or hazardous materials or objects on the bus.

  • All items brought on the bus should be in a backpack, except for approved musical instruments or sports equipment.

Disciplinary Action

  • A verbal warning will be issued by the driver to a student violating behavior guidelines and documented with the operations manager at Marin Transit.

  • If the student continues to misbehave, an Incident Report Form will be filed and the Parents will be informed.

  • Further misbehavior may result in the child’s pass being suspended or revoked without refund.

  • Parents/guardians are financially responsible for vandalism caused by their child.