Key Features in 2019-20

We've been working hard to make improvements and continue the success of the  the Yellow Bus program for 2019-20. Here are the new features:

  1. Continued use of our (almost brand new!) fleet of buses!  RUSD and the Cove routes have new buses serving our routes as of Fall 2018.  Every campus, every route continue be served by state-of-the-art yellow buses.

  2. Our terrific team at Marin Transit will continue operational responsibility for the program. A dedicated transportation expert oversees day-to-day operations and acts as the conduit between the bus provider (First Student) and parents.

  3. Coming soon!  A new parent app: FirstView will allow parents to seamlessly track buses and receive real time customer service.

  4. A pricing freeze.  Families who pay up front and in full for their bus passes will pay the same price as last year:  $315 per one way pass.

We look forward to serving you!